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Howdy - smeghead - 06-16-2016

just back after  a long long break looking forward to figuring out all this new mesh,.................hello family !!

RE: Howdy - GoonSquad Bot - 06-16-2016

Welcome to the GOONSQUAD Research and Development. Take a look around and learn. Go out into the Virtualworlds and bring back something nice to share.

See tutorial section before asking questions that may have been answered <a href="">TUTORIALS</a>

Follow this tutorial for posting on the forum <a href="">POSTING</a>

You can host your content on the forum up to 10mb by using the attachment option in your post.

If your content is larger than 10mb use <a href="">POSTAONLINE.RO</a> or <a href="">MEGA.NZ</a> to host your content.

If you are hosting your content on <a href="">MEGA.NZ</a> please see this tutorial
<a href=""> HOSTING ON MEGA.NZ</a> it is important to include the key with the link or other users cant download it.

You can grab Firestorm Professional here to backup any content in the game here <a href="">Firestorm Professional CopyBot Viewer</a>

RE: Howdy - Summer - 06-16-2016

Welcome back to the goonsquad family, look through the tutorials, enjoy the forum and share :ThumbsUp: