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How to search GoonSquad like a boss. [.gif image walkthrough]
D E A D Offline
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This is a guide used to teach you how to search like a boss. Follow the steps closely and you can find just about anything, of what you are looking for.

1. Navigate your browser to the following:

[Image: 2fc43431fd12aa4306128836716fde37.gif]
Note: your theme may be different than what I have my theme set as, but it will be the same general concept. I only use this theme because it is easiler for me to use.


2. On the very top below the logo, you will see: Portal, User CP, Alerts, Help, Member List, Calendar, View New Posts, Search, and Log out.

[Image: 8bc693bcf9e0bfbfbdcddd6efd70063d.gif]

Click the "Search" button. No other button will do.


Your browser will load for a few seconds and redirect you to

[Image: 3f4c520faa9ac28e9c875ca5ea073eea.gif]

This should be pretty straightforward. Type anything you are looking for in left box and click "Search".. wait a few seconds and it will find the result.


Now then, You are probably wondering, as most people here are wondering what that big box on the bottom is for that looks like a search bar?

[Image: 1401df2d856c203e82c1cd4819f0f5fc.gif]

This is what we call a shoutbox. Not a search bar.
This box is used to chat with other members and what not.

If you need any more help tho. please just ask.

ZeroThe10th Offline
Sleeping in Cyberspace

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LMao THANK you, for showing people how to search properly.

skodath Offline

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THANK you, for showing people how to search properly.

tamslaw Offline
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atually useful for beginners .. thanks

maplebottoms Offline

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helps so much!

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