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Serious Issues Exporting Mesh!
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I see the problem and here is the solution.
Step 1: Update your darkstorm by downloading one of the two updates here
Your mesh body is a fitmesh body and that version of Darkstorm can't handle fitmesh

Step 2: the reason why the mesh export is failing is because you are exporting it wrong, you can't export mesh or objects through the folder method you're using, only textures, wearables, sounds, basically everything except objects can be exported that way.
To export mesh in darkstorm please read the following tutorial.
I'm hoping the Darkstorm updates you are referring to will allow me access DigiWorldz Open sim grid. Since my PC crashed, I lost my DS and the latest update of Firestorm now had DigiWoldz listed in it, so they don't allow you manually add it anymore, so haven't been able to use it ;(

Any suggestions, Z
This is the one you want to use for the OS
i have alot of those problems too with normal objects though, even those that are from me!
I use Darkstorm 3.1.0 and i have the same prob
thank you so much... I will try it now.
I have been having some problems too, it will say download success and when I check my file half the time the dae isn't in there just the textures.  Maybe I need an update as well.

Thank you so much for sharing that
Please read the tutorial for mesh extraction, as it give you tips and trick s to a sucessful rip

But I can give you a few tips
1. Hard clar your cache
2. avoid special characters in the title ()--_=+:;'"\|][[}{
3. try exporting textures as JP2000 instead of PNG
4. DO NOT export mesh as XML export as a DAE( Collada)
5. Exporting as OBJ does NOT extract the textures, only . DAE extracts the textures. If you choose OBJ then youhave to export the textures manually.
When you import saved collada in, for example  blender, do you optimize it for rigging? Cause it is all in triangles and much denser then avastar avi, so can not be rigged well.. I am asking about clothes tho

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