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Bodylanguage - Early summer
shizu-ka Offline

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Joined: Apr 2015
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Hiyaaaa, pyon Pudently

Bodylanguage the most pretty much cute AO made by Japanese creator who seem to be quite cute.

Brief instruction to use this notecard:
1. Obviously... you have to upload it into your amazing viewer lol
2. Drag the notecard that you jussst upload into your viewer AO part [Image: 6c81be9718ceed764ffde83824254dff.png] Usually all amazing viewer has them like Sombrero etc. (Firestorm base one I think..)
4. enjoy

[Image: 821a25fc69a99db4506979d23731d656.png]

CocoCurious Offline
Elite Member

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very cute AO let me try it ...Thanks!

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