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★☆ Posting Content ☆★ (IMPORTANT/Updated)!!!
ZeroThe10th Offline
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=====================How we work====================

As you know the Goonsquad is a resource sharing site, and it is expensive to keep this site up and running. With hosting and other fees we work hard to make it free ( Of course donations ARE always welcome) and open to the public.
So to keep this place up and running we ask that people contribute and add items.
After all someone donated that skin or piece of mesh that helped you out, It's only fair that you do the same and add items as well.

So! with that said here are the rules/how to on posting items

We kinda have a system around here so posts that does not adhere by these guidelines will be deleted and the offender will receive a warning on their profile.

1. All post that contain content to download MUST include a picture and a description of the item or items.

Pictures in the post should always be the picture from the original content creator, or from Second life marketplace.

-If the item is no longer on the marketplace Google the item's name and search there for the picture. In most cases a blog or the creator's website will have the picture you're looking for.
Understanding the Tinypic plugin

- Do not use the attachment for hosting pictures. Pictures can be
Through the Tinypic plugin at the bottom of the posting box.
[Image: swd7hx.png]

[Image: estb8g.jpg]

Hochladen= Upload
Jetzt Hochladen ( Big green button)= Start Upload

When your file is uploaded you'll see this screen

Insert into post=
Will insert the picture for you, where ever the text bar( Blinky text line) is.
To insert another picture press the Hochladen button at the top and it will take you back to the upload page.

[Image: 27zyzwi.png]

-Only take pictures of the item if you tried the other options, and if you must take a picture make sure it's in the best light on the best settings, make the item look nice you know.

3.File hosting

If you item is 10MB or under use our post attachment to host your files.
[Image: xknhnc.png]

If your item s 10MB or greater please use a good hosting service like You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.. It is important to use a hosting service that will not delete your content. The only way we can assure our members that the content will not be deleted is by using our post attachment feature.


Descriptions and posting

Post content according to SL marketplace. If the item is sold separately post it that way. If the item is sold as a set post it as a set. Display the content according to the original creators intentions.

And if you need a visual please watch our Handy HOW TO video below.


Monitordude Offline

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So this must be the place to figure out how to share

busybee Offline
i took my happy pills today!!

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ty rhis opst is very usefull!

Lori~P Offline

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Excellent tutorial as always, but I have a question.  I have files of hair and other objects I know are copies and therefore the name has changed from the original.  Since it's pretty hard to find say a certain hair with no clue who the designer was, should I just take a pic of it being worn?  I would hate to post items here that have been posted before, but without knowing an original name, that's difficult.  I have a lot of the prim hair on my hard drive that I'd like to share since it's been requested. 
Thanks in advance.

SecretSquirrel Offline
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Posts to see the link for the recomended file sharing site as my ck jeans zip is to big for here.  


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