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Help: Applying UUIDs to objects[OldSkool Viewer]
ZeroThe10th Offline
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Okay second UUID tutorial

This time around we'll be applying UUIDs to objects

In world UUIDS

To get textures inworld, you'll need one of those "Special viewers"
We'll be using Old Skool again

Okay, lets say you're in world and you see a texture you gotta have for a build.
Here's how you take the UUID

Right click on the object you want.

and from the Pie menu select EDIT
[Image: 23jpuz9.jpg]
This will bring up the Build menu
Navigate over to the texture tab
[Image: pxcur.jpg]
See the texture in the texture box?
[Image: smsz7k.jpg]
Right click on that and it will bring up a menu with two options
[Image: o91x75.jpg]

Select "COPYASSETID" and the UUID will be copied to your clipboard and ready to be pasted

So lets paste it!

For the sake of the tutorial we're gonna paste the UUID on a cube.

So go onto the Build menu and rezz a cube.

Navigate to the texture tab and double click on the texture window.
[Image: 5l6hwi.jpg]
and you'll bring up the texture input menu
[Image: 2zisbdl.jpg]
There at the bottom you'll see the APPLY UUID button as well as a box to input a UUID.

There may be a number there but you can just ignore it, because we're gonna put in a new one.

Put your Copied UUID in the input box, then hit APPLY UUID, then select.

[Image: 10yf3gh.jpg]
And there you have it, the UUID texture has been added to the cube.

That's it for Texture UUIDs. You can of course apply the textures to more than just cubes. As long as you have a viewer that has A UUID input you can apply the textures to anything you have mod rights to.

TEMP TEXTURES/LOCAL TEXTURES: also have UUIDs but they are temporary and will go away/grey as soon as you re-log, so don't count of those too much.

Goliath63 Offline
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This was super! Thanks. How about a UUID we find on the forum? Does it work the same way?

ZeroThe10th Offline
Sleeping in Cyberspace

Posts: 1,623
Threads: 916
Joined: Oct 2013
Reputation: 2,421
Yes, just copy the UUId and paste it in the input box.

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