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MESH!!! KTZ Village House
YoungMoney Offline
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[Image: 05.jpg]
[Image: 06.jpg]
[Image: 08.jpg]

Abut the House :

- 3 floors with stairs, balcony, one main entrance & few kinds of windows
- 2 texture sets ( rustic\modern )

House Dimensions :

- Width (X) 16m, Depth (Y) 18m, Height (Z) 20m.
- 30 prims, 6 mesh parts linked to 1 object.

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wow that rawks




This is really nice! Thank you!


If I try to import this do i need to pay? Or take mesh test and have payment info or it import like any sculpt?


This looks way cool! I love the shadows


yes looks way cool and what no one here has cared to say is, yes if you use this on the main grid of second life ( not a private server) you have tou pload it, and build it, also your name will be on it as the creator, so unless its a private sim that no one ever goes to or a private server, its worthless pretty but worthless you would have better luck ripping mesh from any pc game ever made and useing it

Femme Offline
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@Evilbunnys good info, its good to see when someone actually give advice. Im giving you +1 rep
[Image: q3dJm.png]


aw Smile))) What a cute little house Smile


wooow nice home THX

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