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Wishbox-Rocking Horse Shoes
ZeroThe10th Offline
Sleeping in Cyberspace

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Hello Vip Bunnies!

We have a special pair of shoes for the Vip Bunny going for the Lolita look
a pair of Wishbox-Rocking Horse Shoes
also known as the Nana shoes irl *snifs*( I so want a pair)
[Image: 2rf4sc4.jpg]
Anywho these are rigged mesh shoes but I'm sure you can wear them with out rigging.
Multiple sizes included in this pack
as well as the
OBJ and Dae
and the texture.

We hope you enjoy and Thank you for your continued support of the GS

[Image: 1qpvfc.jpg]

InigoMontoya Offline

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soso nice shoes ty bunny and also thank you for the service announcement. lol

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