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Apollo Offline

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NEW DarkStorm v3.0 - 12022014

-- Windows SecondLife (Havok) Version -> download
MD5 4A05715DFC9132D287B3E3A38123AC83
-- Windows Opensim Version -> download
MD5 14A1F334BEAE2072023220AA8C1D3AE1

-- macosx download --

-- Linux SecondLife (Havok) Version -> download
MD5 814725BCCA81D6514A8572B8065FA3C6
-- Linux Opensim Version -> download
MD5 7F66DA28784FA14554FD4FE0E689BE63

IMPORTANT!! Install this build as a CLEAN INSTALL ***
if you have problems uninstal, delete the darkstorm/settings folder and reinstall

advice: change DS system folder on Login Spoof (#Darkstorm)

BUGs fixed:
- take objects on pie menus now on DS Menu->More->Take
(or dont use the very limited pie menus)
- HPA import works
- OpenSim release with grid manager

NEW v3.0:
- update repository new Firestorm
- unlock save as collada(.dae) / linkset(.oxp)
- Pretend inventory now is #Temp folder inside #(DSSystemFolder)
- other minor changes & some bugs fixed
- more soon ....

If you have problems, try delete settings & cache folders:
/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Darkstorm

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

mkra2013 Offline

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i am trying to learn how to use this site

square Offline

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first of all im a noob about darkstorm nd stuff,my problem is i installed darkstorm nd wanted save some items nd i did nd than converted them to dae files.anyway after some time i logged in sl beta server from firestorm nd wanted to test some weights of clothnigs i created,however i was no longer able to wear items i saved from darkstorm,it includes the mesh body so i cant see the body on me anymore ,from inventory clicking to add n wear but its just not working,since its not workign i can test clothnigs i made properly becos i cant wear the body neither see it,tried it with multiple copies but its not working,then i deleted darkstorm cleared caches nd directories even reinstalled firestorm nd all btu its still the normal sl server i have no problem im able to wear body nd all,problem is at beta server they r not workign,so how am i gona solve this:S these happened to items i saved as xml nd collada for texture with darkstorm.anyone has an idea hwo to fix this?

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