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PRAVDA -Gothic structure collection
ZeroThe10th Offline
Sleeping in Cyberspace

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I just Hoppened to come across a store called PRAVDA today!

This stuff is pretty but prim heavy as all fuuuuu
and the guy has a nerve to charge so much for it!
I'm talking 1000 carrots for one small crypt! Psssshh I'm tellin' you merchants like him are just asking to be punished >_< Hee hehe anyyywaaayyy.....
Enjoy the spoils.
[Image: 28vys74.gif]

Dark Trinity Pavillion
Arena[Image: 1g53lh.jpg]
PRAVDA - DC - Forgotten Graveyard V2 Scene 1374[Image: 2vumyde.jpg]
PRAVDA - DC - Medieval Tudor Ale House[Image: 2dkh0lt.jpg]
PRAVDA - DC - medium Crypt[Image: ane8n8.jpg]
PRAVDA - DC - Small Crypt( uses the same sale pic as the medium)
PRAVDA - DC - Dark Trinity Chapel[Image: 2i9o8c9.jpg]
PRAVDA - DC Medieval Tudor House[Image: iv8hly.jpg]
PRAVDA - DC - Medieval Tudor Windmill[Image: 140d75v.jpg]
PRAVDA - Ruins[Image: erj1w8.jpg]
PRAVDA - DC - Gazebo of the Deity[Image: 2ic5teo.jpg]

InigoMontoya Offline

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bitchen! StruggleCoolFuriousLOL

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