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Make your own tango appliers
lakanooki Offline
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Grabbed this from someone on that other forum long ago before I realized what a dick that guy was and left. Didn't see anything like it here, so here it is.

Stop paying extra for tango appliers and make almost any top tango compatible.

Skin matching:
Unpack your Lolas tango. Also unpack the Developers kit.
Put your breasts on.
[Image: 1WPMzXg.png]

Right click your avatar.
Edit outfit
Edit skin
Click the Upper Torso Texture
Copy the UUID of the texture.
Close the editing window.
[Image: yq7f0BH.png]

In your DEVELOPER kit that you opened find the SKIN APPLIER.
ADD the skin applier. Its a HUD.
Right click EDIT the Applier HUD
Go to the contents tab and open the configuration notecard.
Where it says TEXTURE, erase and PASTE your copied UUID.
NEXT - Delete #Repeat in X and Y and everything else below it! Replace it with this.!!!!VERY IMPORTANT !!!!
# Reapeat in X and Y (Z is ignored)
REPEATS = <0.5, 0.5, 0.0>
# Offsets in X and Y (Z is ignored)
OFFSETS = <-0.25, 0.25, 0.0>
# Rotation in degrees
Save it and your notecard should look like this:
[Image: h3wya9w.png]

Close the editing window, click the button on the skin applier. "Press to apply"
Now your breasts match the skin.
[Image: H47wYM4.png]

For clothing top matching:
Use the same procedure but use the TOP applier in the developers kit and the TOP layer on your breasts.
Wear the non-tango top and copy the (baked) upper torso UUID. The code is the same for the notecard and just use the new top texture UUID. It's simple and free to make your own matching appliers.

Now your tops may not line up right so go back into the notecard and adjust the repeat and offset of the texture (tiny increments at a time) until it lines up just right.

As always, make copies of your breasts and applier huds prior to doing any of this.

Please don't message me asking how to open the edit window on your applier or where to find the texture. If you do not know these things then you should watch some basic SL editing tutorials on Youtube prior to even trying this. This is over your head. Sorry to sound like a ass but I was inundated with those kinds of messages the last time I posted a tutorial.



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Thank U !!!

InigoMontoya Offline

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outta sight amigo!

Falcons Offline
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fenomenal man gracias Wink

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