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[LH] Abyssal Knight Armor
YoungMoney Offline
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[Image: Abyssal%20Knight.jpg?1306194977]

The Abyssal Knight is a high quality sculpted armor set for both men and women that comes packaged with both weapons and a mighty shield. The set has a chain backing later, a leather over layer, and then a sculpted prim metal armor array that is scripted to colorchange with the use of an included crystal.

Merely equip the crystal, click on it, and choose from several dozen preset colors that will alter the entire worn set! Or, you can change the colors by hand with a convenient tinting system if you need /exactly/ the right hue.

There is even a frosty, cold mist that pours from the mouths of several of the set's faces, along with unscripted versions so that you can choose exactly what you want!

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