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Incognito The End (last viewer from FCT)

Hi all, here is the last version of Incognito CB Viewer, this did not come from just anywhere on the net, it came straight from Saxangalior, so it is clean no problems. Remember since it is based off of older version of Phoenix V1 type Viwers you cannot see Mesh with it.. but all it's other functions work great.
Below you will see the Pic that accompanies the viewer, a list of version updates of each of the Viewers, so you may see what the last version can do. also some YouTube Videos to let you watch the viewer in action as well.. the last thing at the bottom will be the Viewer Download for your pleasure, have fun and Hell to da yeah..

Update Incognito The End (20121705)
- ADD Contact Sets
- ADD SLUM in Profile
- FIX No-Rez Kill
- FIX Admin Mode Not Forced
- UPG to Phoenix Repository
- REMOVE VoiceHax: Paste Avatar Position
- ADD VoiceLock: Lock Voice Position (voice remote)
- REMOVE FCT Rezzer: Has Been Patched
- ADD Bulk wearable Upload: Wearables now bulk upload
- ADD Bulk Temporary Textures: Bulk Upload Temporary Textues Free
- ADD Perminent wearable Keytool: Wearables now Perminent upload with Keytool
- ADD Undeformer: Undeforms Your Avatar When Deformed
- ADD Messagebuilder: Build Messages Using Circuits
- ADD Circuits: Circuits Floater From Onyx
- ADD Teleport to Ground: Teleports Your Avatar To Ground Height
- ADD Circuits: Circuits Floater From Onyx
- ADD BVH to ANIMATN: Convert Bulky BVH Files
- ADD FCT Tools: Tools Added To Pie
- ADD Admin Delete: Tools Menu Delete Selected or Delete All Objects on Sim (owned by you)
- ADD MultiRez: Multi Rez Objects Fill Sim
Update From PARIS With LOVE (20110805)

- UPG to Phoenix Repository
- ADD Radar CpPos: Copy Avatar Position (ClipBoard)
- ADD VoiceHax: Paste Avatar Position
- ADD FCT Rezzer: Paste Avatar Position
- ADD FCT Rezzer: OutSim Rezzer w/Dropped Prim (NoRezz Kill)
- ADD FCT Rezzer: Prim Rez Displacement on Position (NoRezz Kill)
- ADD Automaticaly Open AvTexture if Client with tag ? is in Draw Distance (Layers Protection Kill)
- ADD AvTexures: Open New Floater
- ADD Crash Animation Chat Message Alarm
- FIX Crash AvTexture (out of range) from Radar
- FIX Crash AvClothes (out of range) from Radar

Update Bastille Day 2011(20110715)

- UPG to Phoenix Repository
- ADD FCT Rezzer: Rez 1x1x1 Prim or Dropped Prim
- ADD Radar AvHuds: Floater Worn Huds
- ADD Pie Menu AV Huds: Floater Worn Huds
- ADD Avatar Texture: NoRefresh
- ADD FCT Export/Import: Descriptions
- ADD Anti Animation Crashing
- FIX AvClothing: Fullperm Next Owner Layers
- FIX KeyTool: Open Text Editor instead Hexa w/Layers

Update Summer 2011(20110621)

- UPG to Phoenix Repository
- ADD FCT Export from Radar
- ADD Interceptor
- ADD KeyTool
- ADD Area Search Options
- ADD Properties Advanced Editor
- ADD Alpha & Tattoo FCT Export
- ADD Alpha & Tattoo AvTextures
- ADD Right Click Open Texture
- ADD IM Zoom Profil
- ADD Export Button in Gesture, Note, Script
- ADD OsGrid Log
- ADD Hide Default Animation in AvAnimations
- FIX Export Sound
- FIX Randomisation Button Moved

Update Anniversary II(20110517)

- UPG to Phoenix Release
- FIX Group Join Button

Update Anniversary (20110425)

- UPG to Phoenix Release
- Unlock Picks, Classified, Group and Land Textures
- ADD Media Plugin Test
- FIX Prevent CG Crash from Original Hybrid Texture

[Image: DKo92kG.png]

Edit: UPDATE + I dun went an forgot to add dat password as you set it up ha ha ha ha... setup password is --> that will do it fo yu. enjoy!!

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thank you very much will test and see if still working.

leo oller

thank you. so good


oooh nice cant wait to try out


nice veiwer


thx fort everything ;3


thank you so much
where's the link to download?
can't wait to try it Smile))


Oh gooddie

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