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Drunk AO - Motion Capture AO By Abranimations
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[Image: c659d2ab1f688ba7176f2da9b67ed723.jpg?1277036744]

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 This is a motion capture drunk animation overrider set.Included in this set you will also find a bottle of wine. 
This can be used along side the overrider to make your avatar drink while stumbling around.This animation set is prepacked inside a ZHAO animation overrider. To use it right click on it in your inventory and select wear. The HUD that appears on your screen has an On/Off button and a button to display the options menu. Please see further down in this document for detailed instructions on how to operate the ZHAO.Included Animations7 Drunk Stands 
4 Sits 
3 Ground Sits 
Drunk Walk & Run 
Turn Left & Right 
Jump, Prejump & Land 
Hover & Fall 
Fly Forward, Up & Down 
Crouch & Crouch Walk

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