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Maitreya FitMesh YouTube Tutorial Question.
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This is a common Pain the in ASS when working with Ruffles and frills, what you have to do is find out which weights are pulling on it and reduce the heat over it until the ruffles looks decent.
I've tried that, done some manual weight painting, and then when trying to export collada avastar I get an error message about verticies having zero weight or something. I kinda give up =\
When you get the zero weight error, go into weight paint mode, Then go to the avastar tab, Press the Zero weights button
[Image: 1465773034_EyncGne1ZEgPJQw.png]
It will bring up a bunch of black dots(vertexes) the dots that glow yellow are the ones with zero weights,
So all you have to do is click on it and a slider will allow you to add weight to that vertex.
just add the bare min to it like 0.003 or something like that and it should fix that error.
Thank you Zero.

I'm still trying to figure it out hehe. When it's really stretching in the middle do I make things colder or hotter? I get confused. I had one dress come out perfect and another that's really stretching in the middle with the same rigging technique so I don't understand why one is good and the other is crap. =\

EDIT: I see you said cooler in an above post...which I tried but then it made it look even more stretchy this is why I'm confused.
Here are pictures to show[Image: 1465874872_a3GGrHz7mIAWIgf.png][Image: 1465874884_cLJBxqCjrth196D.png]
Yeeeesssh that is a bad stretch, that's usually when a template would come into, you can try using those templates I put up in the class kit or you can you know use the meshes program and transfer the weights from your favorite dress/skirt.
Templates from the class kit? Are you talking about the Maitreya one? I didn't find any in the folder maybe I overlooked. What are they named?
This happens with the Maitreya body and also if I use the Madhue Suits sometimes I get the stretch with those.
No no, Check out these templates, I used them in my first tutorial " How to rig mesh"
You can use them on normal and fit mesh garments.
If you need the weighst to go to the fit mesh, just go to the avastar tab and push the " Swap deform and collision button"

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