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Question about UV maps/Blender/Bastioni
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I almost forgot, to rig this avastar 2.08 or higher must be used, which I'm not using in this screen shot. It probably doesn't matter but I just remembered that.
There's another live chat with Ebbe and other Lindens tomorrow morning. I'm going to try to make it. Meanwhile, I hadn't read the transcripts for the last one. Interesting stuff about bento animations and the like. There's also Sansar stuff I haven't gotten to yet. I prefer reading to watching the videos. I wonder if Maitreya is experimenting with the new rig? I'm sure they are.

Omg. Be sure to watch the first video with finger animations. Just, wow.
I figured out my Blender question by rtfm. Amazing, blender.org has all of these great tips about Blender. Who knew?

Off to the Linden show. I have a great share to try later when I set up the new mesh tool.
Bento bones will be released VERY soon. Huge game changer.

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