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Copy Bot Gacha Item
Dirk1996 Offline

Posts: 2
Threads: 1
Joined: May 2016
Reputation: 0
Hey there let me first off by thanking you for this really great community, for the last couple of hours I have been looking at your videos and tutorials and I learned so much already.

I'm stuck on a few things, I want to copy bot a gacha item and I'm wondering how this process works.
I think it must be sort of easy cause I see people do it all the time on large scales even.
I would really appreciate your help with this, thank you so so much in advance!

Dirk1996 Offline

Posts: 2
Threads: 1
Joined: May 2016
Reputation: 0
So I figured out how to do it but when I do it now I run in to a few issues.

1. The item does import but it doesn't look fully like the item that I exported, it looks different, I also get a few errors when I import it - ''You are not allowed to change this shape'' and ''You may not alter the stitching type of a mesh object''.
2. The imported object lists me as the creator, is there anyway to change this and keep the old creator as the creator?

Thank you so much in advance.

Tribu Offline

Posts: 9
Threads: 1
Joined: Mar 2016
Reputation: 30
why not just copy item inworld instead of exporting and importing back??   Im pretty sure there is NOT a way to put someone else s creator.   So best use an ALT account to import.  Also, try doing a search in the forum for your question.  I am sure there is more information on this.

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