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The MESHES program that allows you to extract rigged mesh from SL
it's been cleaned the best we could clean it but who knows what may still be in it. Use  at your own risk, and enjoy.
.rar   GoonSquad (2).rar (Size: 238.93 KB / Downloads: 3,250)
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Hey guys...has anyone else's computers died after adding this program? I love it, but both computers I added it on got really slow then died that I had it on. I love it, and have a new computer now, but am not going to risk ruining this one too if it IS related. Yes, I know it comes with a disclaimer "use at your own risk".....I am just curious how related this can be/if it happened to others before I think more on it, thanks cheers ~DP
You computer died?
I had it on mine and every new one since posted it and I havent had that problem..
Thanks! I do love this program! I am pondering using Sandboxie this time ;)
Ellos, I wanted to say meow :o
Awesome! Thank you for the share!
thanks I do love this program!
It's been more than a year since I visited here or SL for that matter... Is Meshes SL still the best way to rip rigged Mesh? Is the version here the most up to date version?
Infected with malware. Unusable.

Any chance of replacing with a clean version???
I am going crazy, I can't post anywhere, I can only reply, I'm trying to find the Belleza Mesh Bodies, and the Belleza ppl are being stingy, I mean come on really, how are ppl supposed to get started in making clothing if they won't even give us a chance, I will even pay for it. :facepalm:

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