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The MESHES program that allows you to extract rigged mesh from SL
it's been cleaned the best we could clean it but who knows what may still be in it. Use  at your own risk, and enjoy.
.rar   GoonSquad (2).rar (Size: 238.93 KB / Downloads: 3,250)
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Iiiiii hope I figure this out but dang you guys are smart, I can barely maneuver sl yet and you can make super awesome programs omg
Hi everyone, I decided to try this again as I failed so bad last time :P ok, so I downloaded the new version of Meshes and started to follow the lovely vid by Zero, but I didnt get far. When I got to the part I need to enter a location for "xml file to read" it takes me to the one just created by Meshes, Init.xml, I click to open it but then I get an error message........ File C:\Users\Faith\Desktop\Meshes sl\Init.xml malformed........ so I'm kinda stuck again.

I had the earlier version of meshes installed but I'm pretty sure I deleted it.

Anyone seen this ? any ideas what I should do ?

EDIT..... damn ! finally I get it Smile I was struggling to hear what Zero said, I thought she meant the xml file that came with meshes but its actually the file you export from sl......doh !
Thank you!
Oh thank you very much someone leaked it oh my god [Image: grinning-face-with-smiling-eyes_1f601.png] [Image: thumbsup.png]
this is so cool thank u so much
welp cant view its not loading
oh never mind it was because my account was new im dumb
Save the xml file in the save folder as the collada one, the texture is needed to build the final dae.

The quested Meshsl is here: http://goonsquad.co/attachment.php?aid=7036
hello all i have a problem i can not find appdata in user

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