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Goonsquad Tutorial: How to create a new Thread/Post
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(04-25-2016, 05:58 PM)ZeroThe10th Wrote: [Image: 1461619473_FJ0EzSp8Hjl97wo.gif]
Hi hi! Zero here!

[Image: 1461619503_Uky29wfoTtNxmor.gif]
Welcome to Goonsquad Basic training, this lesson plan will hopefully teach you everything you need to know in order to make the most of your Goonsquad experience.

[Image: 1461619473_FJ0EzSp8Hjl97wo.gif]
If you need help with, anything that wasnt covered please feel free to ask and I'll be happy to explain it to you.
So with that said Lets get started

:Study: Creating a Thread

Creating a Thread or "posting" is the key to using this site, in fact it's how we funtion, everything from sharing items to just saying Hi, relies on threads.
So It's important for you to know how to create one properly.

1-Creating a thread
The Squad is broken into catagories in order to keep things organized, when you select a catagory you'll notice a list of threads
[Image: 33xeljc.png]

To create a thread you first have to find and click the button that says " POST THREAD", It's usually at the top or sometimes at the bottom but is always there in a community thread.

[Image: 2dbqts9.png]

Once that button is pressed you'll be greated by the thread creation layout.

2: Thread creation Layout

[Image: 1461604850_V3P9dVgV7SQOtH0.png]

Here is where you'll post all your stuff, add links, share videos, add pictures, all of that is done here
As you can see there are a number of buttons that try to make the process as easy as possible.
Lets take a look at the layout and I'll explain what each button does, except the "Source" button, I have no idea what that button does,
I think it might have something to do with coding, and I know nothing on that subject.( sorry)

Top of this page you will see
1. USERNAME[Image: 1461605824_96Qn4xxPO8WxB8k.png]
This allows you to see who you are currently signed in as/ who you are currently posting as. If you wish to sign out and post under a new name you simply check the CHANGE USER button and it will allow you to sign out of your current one and go into your other account.

[Image: 1461606363_ooZ9Vf1tRae93kW.png]
This bar allows you to jazz up the tite of your post,. what ever icon you select will show up next to the title of your thread.
For example, lets check the video icon.
When we post our thead the icon will show up next to the title like so.
[Image: 1461607001_zdBOkXz8ZLQWrUl.png]
See, now doesn't that look pretty, feel free to experiment with these icons.

[Image: 1461607584_TVN0ouUfRmLyylH.png]
These are our poor Emoji, click on the face you want to express how you feel, if you want more added submit an emoji pack and, it'll be added to the server.

[Image: 1461608090_WWrVUPGhmChuAsD.png]

The text field is the most important part of the thread layout here is where you'll type all of your stuff, as well as where you pictures and videos and all that fun content gets added.

Lets go over the text field's feature buttons.

[Image: 1461609105_aYuZHrt6yXCRZEq.png]
These button make posting easy , each one does a specific task and instead of posting a picture of each button and it's feature I numbered them below.
Check the list below to see what each button does

[Image: 1461609110_toNujmUZaakXfPR.png]

1: Cut button
Allows you to cut text from your post
2: Paste button
Allow you to paste text into your post.
3:, Paste as Plain text
I seriously have no idea how this is different from the normal paste, but if you know feel free to correct me on this.
4: Paste from Word
This will allow you to post text that is in your MS WORD clipboard to your post.
5: Undo
Lets you undo your last action
6: Redo
Lets you Redo your last action
7-8: Find and Replace
These two buttons do the same thing they allow you to find words in your post and replace them with someting else.
[Image: 1461609758_q2pAi2i7qqvks29.png]
9: Select all
Allows you to select all of the content in your post.

10: Spell check
The spell check feature has been updated in the last upgrade. Before your post would have spell check automatically enabled, That feature has been turned off for whatever reason, by pressing this button you can have your post check for spelling errors,, It's also one of the few buttons with additional featues. when you click it

[Image: 1461610577_AuwnEITnLWnc0zy.png]

Yes it sounds terrible but what it SCAYT stands for is " Spell Check As You Type"
It's your basic spell checker, as you type it will show your errors, with a red underline and allow you to click on it and correct your word based on your dictionary. When SCAYT is enabled it opens new options for you to fine tune your correction.

[Image: 1461610982_8PXydBj56SGkGWR.png]
This tab allows you to tell the spell checker what to ignore.
-Ignore items in all caps
Checking this box will tell the spell check to ignore words: WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS LIKE SO
-Ignore Domain Names
Checking this box will tell the spell check to: Ignore URLS for example "Goonsquad.co" wouldn't be considered a spelling error because it's a Url.
-Ignore Words with mixed case:
Checking this box will tell the spell check to ignore words: WiTtEn LiKE tHiS!
-Ignore words with Numbers
Checking this box will tell the spell check to ignore words: Witt3n l1k3 Th1$

- Language tab
[Image: 1461611666_VawalxzMm5hbMQ6.png]
Allows you to select the Language you're speaking in, so it knows what default dictionary to use.

- Dictionary tab
Allows you to add you own custom dictionary to the spell check.
Tired of your slang being flagged as an error, create your own dictionary and prevent that from happening.

11. Add Link
Normally you could just post the link into the board and it will automatically create a link but sometimes it may error and you want to give a fail proof link to an item or whatever you would press this button and add the link.
You can also include a email address using this button.

12. Remove link
This button will allow you to remove a link from you post, say you paste text and it comes up as a link for some reason, press this button and it will turn the link into normal text.

13. Image
This is the button you'll be using the most, it allows you to add pictures into your post. This is another button that has more options when you click it.

[Image: 1461615347_yQpn9n8r4Oq0FTO.png]

Image Info/Link:

Allows you to post a picture that's hosted else where via the Url, it also gives you a preview of the picture in the window below.
[Image: 1461615592_mRByn7xUB5zeCYK.png]
Lets you set the size of the image

[Image: 1461616103_LjYqwfbu58t94Ae.png]

This will allow you to upload pictures from your desktop directly to the site for hosting.
You can either drag your picture to the, window or click the BROWSE button and add your picture there.
If your picture uploaded properly then, you will see it loaded at the bottom of the window with a green check next to it.

To insert your picture into the post, click on the circle around your picture.
To remove your picture from the uploader click on the green check next to your picture.

All pictures in the the uploader's que will be added to the post when you click the circle, so make sure you have the pictures you want added listed, and non you don't.

14. Smiles
Does the same thing as the smiles on the side of the page.

15. Special Characters
This button allows you to add special characters to your post like
Âْ£¬©§¥►™۸۵ف They'll even give you a chart for you to select the character from, neat huh.16. A
[Image: 1461616628_uXDoMgZM1h61BD5.png]
16., Insert Horizontal Line
Allows you to add a line like so:
into your post.. something I should've been doing this whole time >_>

Allows you to create a more professional list and post if you have to write things like... a tutorial out

17-Adds a list setting
  • 18 Adds dots very pretty list dots
  • Like so.. see how pretty.
, 19-20 Increase/decrease indent
Slides your stuff to the left and to the right.
21-26: Text Format.
21- BOLD
22: Italic
23: Underscore/Underline
24: Strike
25-26: Subscripts? I have no idea what these do...

27: Umm I dont know what this does either..
28: Font SIZE- Lets you adjust the size of your font
29: Font- CHange the type of FOnt you use.
30: Color- Lets you change the color of your font
31: Format changing just press it and see what happens
31-33: Scripting stuff I have no idea how it works.

34: Insert Video
This is how you insert videos into your post, clicking this button will allow you to post video links, and offers a drop menu. Each video host has it's own way of posting videos so it's important that you select the proper host from the drop menu.
For example if you host a video on youtube,
A: Aou select youtube from the list,
B: Post the link of the video in the text field
C Press OK and it will insert properly into the post. Like so.
[Image: 1461617975_NOYpnZ8YD8ejPTk.png]

35. Add table
This button generates a custom table for your post like so.
36. Editor options
Allows you to disable things like autosave and paste text as plain text by default.

37. Maximize
Allows you to make your post full screeen clicking it agian returns it back to standard screen
Standard screen
[Image: 1461618547_MbZjDVU8gpwJmvB.png]
Full screen
[Image: 1461618580_b2U4HjKeVRkhEON.png]
Wow! That was a lot to take in ya!
Let's take a break for a second..
[Image: tumblr_msrtzszKUS1sd4lxgo4_500.gif]
[Image: tumblr_o5tijq2WJ81vs3v39o1_500.gif]

Okay time to get back to work
[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: 1461619699_OjKnNJ3L5S1zFG6.gif]
Okay now that you know how to use the text features, lets talk about the rest of, the page.
Lets draw your attention down here to the Plugin tab

If for whatever reasons the Image button isn't working you may want to use the Tinypic plug in./
[Image: 1461619834_edZJFD07LlUSUDL.png]

[Image: swd7hx.png]

[Image: estb8g.jpg]

Hochladen= Upload
Jetzt Hochladen ( Big green button)= Start Upload

When your file is uploaded you'll see this screen

Insert into post=
Will insert the picture for you, where ever the text bar( Blinky text line) is.
To insert another picture press the Hochladen button at the top and it will take you back to the upload page.

[Image: 27zyzwi.png]

-Only take pictures of the item if you tried the other options, and if you must take a picture make sure it's in the best light on the best settings, make the item look nice you know.
Next is the Post options

The post options will give you two well options over your post one of them is the
Signature box- That allows you to add your custom signature that you created in your UserCP to your post.
the second is the
Disable Smilies-
Which lets you disable smilies/emojis in our post. a handy thingif your prone to inputting emoji commangds by mistake you know like : P
Okay, this is the last of the features when it comes to posting a thread,
So lets say you have a item you want to add to the squad, if it is under 10MB and is either in
ZIP or RAR format pretty much any format besides XML(I think) and EXE
,but Rar and zip are the ideal! so please use those when uploading.
Ahem, if it is 10MB or under you can upload it directly to the website! Over 10MB you'll have to use a host like Mega.nz
How it works:
1. Select Browse
2. Select your file. When it uploads it will show like this.
[Image: 1461620922_LeGeYoWi6bqENu1.png]
3. Press the add attachment button.
4.When the button is ressed you will be given the a download button that will allow the other users to to download the file.
[Image: 1461621148_UF887u93wkmtpUf.png]
If you don't press the Insert into post the file won't be added, so make sure you press it!.

[Image: 1461621267_bYqAhTK3tM3BMVH.gif]
Thats everything you need to know about posting, now you can share talk and express yourself like a pro. if you need help with anything else just leave a comment below and we'll help/add it to the guide.
BUt for now this is pretty much it.

OH! One last thing, when you're done typing and you want to finish up, just press the POST THREAD button
If you wanna check it before you post, press the PREVIEW POST button
and if you wanna save it for later and come back after a break hit the SAVE AS DRAFT button.

Ookaay NOW we're done XD

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. This will help out a lot. The tiny/pic thing is still a little confusing, but I'm going to work on it till I get it. lol :Struggle:
[Image: 1461546507_949iVzl9xNUiCCU.jpg]
You can just press the IMAGE button (number 13 on the chart/the picture button) to add pictures, it's alot easier and faster than using tinypic.
notice the Signature right above this post by oldschool , cool right ? , I want to set one for my posts , but there is no option in UserCP for that , only the main image for my profile name , how do this Chicka ?
very nice posting and I hope that I do it correctly :Nerd:
Thank you so much Zero!

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