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FaceDog Offline
Goonsquad Member

Posts: 38
Threads: 13
Joined: Dec 2015
Reputation: 107
Hello, I explore the forum and want to see what there is everything and stumbling over the very harsh rule
You cannot post more threads because you've already used up your allocated quota of posting 6 posts in the past 24 hours.
NerdI'm sure no leecherStudy

ZeroThe10th Offline
Sleeping in Cyberspace

Posts: 1,586
Threads: 911
Joined: Oct 2013
Reputation: 1,985
I'm sorry you had to go through that, it's because I was slacking on the promoitions lol holiday cheer. anywho that restriction is for the noobs/newblues and you clearly arent one.

Now that you are upgraded you shouldn't encounter this problem again.

zoieviper Offline
Elite Member

Posts: 343
Threads: 3
Joined: Feb 2016
Reputation: 12
Hi does anyone know if there 's a tutorial on rigging hair

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