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Freebie Game Assets To Share
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PS follow up - I have a shit ton of assets so if you're looking for anything in particular ask and I'll see if I have it. I've gotten into oars - building them but also picking them clean and growing my inventory of stuff. My goal is to create a huge library of stuff for OS and SL use so most everything I do have is already available free in various places.

Obviously I wouldn't be putting copybot stuff in there but I'd still share it on the DL as I am able to collect things.

I'm really good at building and creating nice environments. Along with the library - and since I didn't have access to a copybot, my next option was to find things that were overpriced or had assholic restrictions and just rebuild them, remake them, knock offs, etc. and then turn them loose in the wild ;-p

As for scripting, that's something I'm trying to learn so you'll have to script things yourself unless it's typical LSL and OS scripting already available.

I think, too, once a month I will add another 20 items to the google share thing above and just keep updating it. Please check back and see what else is added. More to come in January.
Hi there Delana,

I'm in the same boat as you... I have lots to share but not quite sure how to go about it.  I started a MegaShare account to put some things on hoping I could get them to users here.  I seen a request for Legacy Hair and I have quite a few I could share if I can just figure out how....

I'm Lori Fairy in SL if you want to look me up... have fun!

(12-12-2015, 05:20 AM)DelanaQuinn Wrote: Google Drive: Sharing some gaming assets with the GoonsquadSL forum


I'm pretty sure you guys have way better mad skillz than I do but the request is to share and I'm not entirely sure how or where to go about it so I uploaded a bunch of cool freebies to my google drive.

There are a lot of xml files, some iar files, a couple of oar files, a mesh or two. Also both versions of the now defunct New World Studios, one basic and one that's hypergrid enabled. I'm sharing these in particular because they work pretty well, the original devs bailed out, so maybe someone here with some installer skillz might be able to update these to current specs and make it awesome.

While NWS doesn't appear to support mesh - though I'm not totally sure - they are outstanding to set up a grid on your machine and build and test. Then you can move it to Sim on a Stick (http://www.simonastick.com) and polish it up...and import into SL.

There's a NWS tutorial and another text with info on how to get Autodesk products for free with a student account.

Like I said, this is likely nothing new to anyone here but I'm at a disadvantage. I'm not sure what I can offer but it's a start.

Hope to meet you guys in world at some point.

I just rejoined SL as Hanna Hemlock. I guess I need a "disposable alt" to check out the copybot stuff.

Happy Holidays!

I've been away from sl for about 5 years . I'm looking forward to getting into making items once again. Also looking forward to this site and I hope I can figure all this out. So far I think I'm doing it correctly. It says to repl to this so I am. I'm I doing it right?
[Image: 1461546507_949iVzl9xNUiCCU.jpg]
i am hoping i am doing all this right,thank you

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