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My Funny Story about copying prim "vagina"
monkeyspank Offline

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~previously shared story with Zero in PM~

I just cracked myself up real good, and I wanna tell someone - but I dunno anyone else I would trust to tell that I was copybotting anything... so I'll tell you... (maybe funnier with pics)
In my quest, I was looking for prim vagina to go with my newly made fake aeros cocks, and it seems no one has posted any female bits here - I found this thing that said excite! something on a slutty gal the other day, and I got home - imported it from her xlm, and it was invisible... ya know how they auto hide and all that... So I got up in the wee hours of the morning thinking I'm going to slap a vagina texture on there... and package it up so someone here can maybe script it. Wellllllll -
I uploaded textures from a folder from a LONG time ago (where in I had just discovered texture cache viewer and thought it was hilarious that peoples nads kept showing up, even in the most pristine of situations - or even that people were wearing the opposite genitalia from what you'd expect) Oddly had plenty of these textures... so I put the texture on there and start adjusting it (to and fro) - this is hilarious - well hope you think so too...
After a while I was wondering WHY it looked all jacked on one side...
Come to find out I was putting "pussy" textures onto a pair of face lips!

[Image: 2yx5bmr.jpg]
I guess it's back to the quest for me! LOL

~ ZeroThe10th Wrote:
Omg that's terrible, You should post these stories on the board, lmao lips.. i'm gonna chuckle at that all day.

I told my neighbor in RL. He's not a computer using guy... but laughed all the same... My daughter says I should wear it anyway. I said on the face or on the crotch? She said on the face... and I thought, ya know, with some of the weird ass fashion trends you see - that might actually take off as a "thing" LMAO.

Perhaps I post my funny on here - in genitals section LOL!

Condoms Away
SL .Dae Ripper

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When i was looking at the picture, as i read it.. Looks a bit like a ear or some sort.

Gipsy Offline

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Not bad... A BJ vagina!

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