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Lets call her Josy - Michael™ - 02-29-2016

Ok, This isn't my normal rip. This is more a drive by while checking out my own stuff etc. I work in an adult bdsm area that has more all the prtections off so they can do all sorts of nasty stuff. Well, while am doing my thing someone else decides to do their thing in radar range. Name is Josy Aubin.
[Image: 1456722544_uJEB50puGEFeLrw.png]
What you get is everything I could. XML, HPA, textures, sculpties, shapes and skins. 
Its in folders marked sculptie, textures, assets. Its in jp2 but it  has its uuids so you should get everything. Body is the mesh project. Its their free skin.

RE: Lets call her Josy - Pixel Duster - 06-17-2016

Hiya! We're trying to get the rigging for this body but aren't able to make the sml/dae thing work. Any idears?